How it should look – the perfect image of tolerant society


The Netherlands is known as one of the most tolerant countries in the whole world, our team was there and due to the students exchange between our, the best in the universe (this slogan is so epic!) and Schoter in Haarlem schools, had an oppourtunity to see how it really looks in the Netherlands.

Even though, we try not to judge people we all were kinda scared of our hosts. I was hosted by a Vietnamese. You know, the first picture of her I had in my mind was a nerdy girl, studying all day to get to a good college, that eats only rise and is exluded from a group.

Ola was staying with a Canadian girl who isn’t exactly skinny, so she was afraid that she will make her eat tons of food.

One of ours classmates was paired up with a girl from US that seemed a typical I’m-so-cute-and-lovely person.


Of course once again we were proven that we shouldn’t judge people by steerotypes or facebook profiles.

The first thing that amazed us in a really positive way is that even though the class of students is so various when it comes to origin they don’t descriminine or call names each other.

For Dutch students it’s completely normal that in their class there is a dark skin girl while in Poland even if the situation is getting better it’s still considered at least strange.

My student is absolutely not a nerdy girl, eats tons of fast food and the only rise you can get in her home is the one bought in a take-away restaurant.

Our classmate’s girl turned out to love sports and hate shopping… and Ola was allowed to eat as much as she wanted and fell in love in Dutch food but it’s another story 🙂


While sightseeing Amsterdam (yeah, our teacher took us to the Red Light District) we came across Homomonument  (3 granite triangles on a ground) which commemorates homosexual people that have been a subject of persecution

The funny fact is that it’s right in front of a church, imagine yourself something like this in Poland…

I think that the Netherlands really is a perfect image of tolerant society. Of course for sure you can find some intolerant people out there but they are in a substantinal minority. There’s a lot to learn from Dutches and I’m glad that our team and class had this chance because I’m certain that this exchange teached us not only (but once and for all) not to judge people  but many other things that are even hard to list.  Once thing is sure; now we just want to make Wrocław a city like Haarlem – where everyone is different but every respect each other, no one is put on a pedestal.

In front of our city there is a small test of tolerance and we’ll be in the jury, our Dutch partners are coming to Wrocław in 3 weeks and we keep our fingers crossed that they will feel as good and safe in it like we all did in Haarlem


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