We all try to be open and gentle, but not always our environment is too. How you get inspired? How you find motivation to try all the time? It is not hard to stay open, but sometimes we just have no faith.

We look at some pictures and photos: someone is kind, open or some place where everyone and everything lives in harmony. We go to such places and we take some photos which will allow us to give others the faith in the beautiful world

We are different.
We are unity.
We are harmony.

Pictures for you:




Journees de la Francophonie – how music joins people

Today we had great opportunity to see on my own eyes, how people from different countries can join together. In Wroclaw’s philharmonic Alberto Nose, French musician gave amazing piano concert. He performed music of Chopin, Debussy and Ravel. But it is not his skills which impressed me the most. It was a fact that different people can feel the same during his concert. In the philharmonic hall Polish, French and English could be heard and still people reacted in similar way – they were listening with smiles.

So, what is the event? It is a series of performances, workshops and exhibitions, organized by Alliance Francaise in Wroclaw. It’s a fantastic chance for opening ourselves for French (and not only) culture. Want to try? You have time to 6th of April.

More information? – here



Drawcorps vol.2

The great Drawcorps team made a lot for us by sharing their passion of drawing, but moreover, they gave us an important lesson on being open. They proved that it can make us happy more than anything else!

Their way of being open-minded, sociable and friendly to everyone made them people you want to meet in your life. The positive energy they created attracted everyone around. They are the ones who always cheer and make people believe the world is beautiful. All we need to do is to look carefully to notice it’s charm. Their smile is honest and makes you feel warm inside!

Thank you all: Ted Michalowski (Drawcore), Kajtek Betts, Isela Lopez, Katarzyna Zwick, Allaina Propst, Natan Miller, Alicja Romanowska, Wiktoria Garafola, Lauren Indyk, Roger Troiani, Ryan Vaxmonsky, Jerzy Bzdurny, Długosz Smith. 🙂



Drawcorps vol.1

On Thursday, we were in Kino Nowe Horyzonty. Drawcorps came to us from USA to create live a piece of art on the wall and play some great music for us! We decided to go and well…

It was amazing! Everyone was smiling and helping others with everything. The positive energy was flowing all around the place and people were easy and open to talk to as we all found at least one common language. We even met people from Poland with whom we spoke English 🙂 You would need to be there to understand us! As the team was working, we were able to observe both, their absolutely outstanding tallent and enormous passion they all share. They consciously were open to the cultural diversity. In their eyes and work you could literally see the appreciation for the diversity among us, their models. At the background, the music was played by the group of most fine musicians and the poetry was read. As it was in Kino Nowe Horyzonty, you could also eat something tasty and healthy.

Unfortunatelly, we were not able to stay there until the end of the event, but the last photos we have show the wall almost done. The team is already gone, but they will stay in our hearts and minds for long!




Wrocław is not only for open people – it is for people with passion. Good example is skateboard. You can see it in each park or on Świdnicka street, where skaters show their tricks from years. Our city is also a place of the best skatepark in Poland. Not convinced? Stay with us for interview form skatepark and see what people think.



Mariusz Mikołajek – Miejsce

Jeszcze tylko do 17 marca w galerii BWA (Wrocław, ul. Wita Stwosza 32) obejrzeć można najnowszą wystawę, zatytułowaną „Miejsce”, znanego i docenianego w kręgach artystycznych, wrocławskiego malarza – Mariusza Mikołajka.

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The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

Bądźmy WrOpenUp: zainteresujmy się

Co powiecie o tancerzach? Głównie chodzi o to samo – przyjemność. Taniec to jednak wiele treningów i poświęcenia dla pasji. Dla nas taniec to przede wszystkim przedstawienie swojej historii w nie tak oczywisty sposób. Często taniec może powiedzieć więcej niż słowa. To połączenie różnych form przekazu, dzięki czemu możemy podziwiać człowieka i jego kreatywność. Jest to także pokaz umiejętności i determinacji tancerza. Tańcem można być naprawdę mile zaskoczonym – tutaj niemożliwe staje się możliwe.

Czy ktoś z Was tańczy? Chętnie bierzecie udział w projektach związanych z tańcem? Jak odbieracie takie happeningi?

Warto tutaj wspomnieć o świetnym filmie, którego większość z Was raczej nie zna: „The LXD. Legion Niezwykłych Tancerzy”. Film przedstawia różnorodność stylów tańca oraz ich połączenie. Reżyserem jest Jon M. Chu, którego miłośnicy tańca powinni kojarzyć z serii filmów Step Up, film jednak nie zyskał takiej popularności, co pozwala nam docenić sztukę filmu (kolejnej formy przekazu). Umiejętności i kreatywność tancerzy wydaje się niewiarygodna, a fabuła choć dość przewidywalna (walka dobra ze złem) pozwala docenić siłę pozytywnych wibracji. Po takim filmie aż chce się tańczyć. Poniżej podajemy link do jednego z odcinków przedstawiających historię chłopców z kółka filmowego.

The LXD – odcinek dziewiąty

What do you think about dancers? Well, in general, the idea is simple – taking as much pleasure from dancing as possible. But as we all know, dancing is a lot more, it takes a lot of hours spent on trainings and enormous engagement and devotion. For us, it is first of all sharing some story. Sometimes, we can express more emotions, more feelings and ideas by dancing than we would do while speaking. Dance connects variety of different forms of communication and this is why we can admire both, the person and their creativity. It is also the demonstration of dancer’s skills and their determination in the process of creating. We may always get amazed by dancing, every time it evokes different emotions. Impossible becomes possible there.

Do any of you dance? Do you like to take part in dancing courses and projects? How do you like this kind of events?

It is worth mentioning a really good movie, probably not that popular one, “The LXD. The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers”. It shows the huge spectrum of variety of dance styles and how they are mixed with each other. The movie was directed by John M. Chu, who probably most of you know from “Step Up”. “The LXD” has not gained that much of attention, but maybe because of it, we may appreciate the art and the message even more. The skills and creativity of the dancers is absolutely outstanding and the plot, even though quite common – the fight of good with bad – catches our attention at the very first moment. Watch, and you will surely feel the dance vibe down your spine! Below is the link for one of the episodes, check it out!

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Who are we?

Young, creative and bored. Who are we? Four girls from one school. All volunteering and working on themselves. Trying to be mature and responsible, but still having fun like small children. Always smiling and making others smile. Open and looking for other citizens of the world, not only Europe, Poland or Wrocław. Happy to be there, where they are and looking around to find any sign from the world.

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