Just the story.

Railway station. Everyone is screaming, everyone is running. People are going around me. No emocions. They are focused on their lives. They can see just themselves. And there is also me. Unknown, heartbroken, homesick but… there is no my home. Bullied, beat and blamed. Just because I’m different.

There is no place for me here. I’m looking around, searching for the rescue. The newspaper lying on the ground. Needless. Like me. Time for changes, time for new life. But where? With whom? My life is sad. I see the world only in white and black. No love, no acceptation, no toleration.

I have what I need, my friend. Almost nothing to take. Let’s set out and stand face-to-face with what is going to happen. I have a goal. I know where to go now. There is a special place, that may be mine. Train or bus? Maybe plane? Where will I be unnoticed? No one can see me, no one again. I don’t want to hear them – their voices making fun of me. I know I’m not like you but… is it a reason? You have already broken my life and can’t destroy my plans for the future.

I close my eyes. One hour or five? They’re open again. And they can see another world. Smiles around me. Nobody is looking at me. Why? I’m the one from the crowd! Not the stranger. But there is a problem. Where to spend the night? Under the bridge, in the fallen house? Not foolish, you are rich. But still don’t have the happiness, as you can’t buy it. Will I find it here? Let’s go ahead. But wait. I’ve lost my magazine. Someone is running towards me. The girl is talking. What a weird language. I try to speak English, she understands me! The weekly is given to me. Kindness, no evil. I’m like them. I’m not an enemy.

My differences are unseen. I ask, I get, I know… I live. I feel my life is worth again. I found my home and I’m happy I left the place I had lived in before. They respect me. They like me. They try to be my friends. And even after 5 years, when I look to the past, I do believe the decision was right. And this magical word written on the poster. Wrocław.